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In addition to our regular business activities, we are also dedicated to activities that help people in need or make people around us happy. We do not just need to generate money, but it is also good to invest or work without a fee. We like to do it and make us happy.

Do you have an interesting project and need help with it? Contact us!

We do not promise anything, but we would like to study it and if time and money allow us, we will be happy to participate in the realization.


LET´S GO! – two-wheel concert (2017)
An evening full of famous stars, from which a new wheelchair for dramaturgist Ondra Doubrava was purchased.

Ondřej Doubrava is a lifelong lover of musicals, he is the main publicist of the biggest internet server Despite his movement indisposition, he threw himself into the world of theater as a dramaturge. He participated in the musical RENT, HORRROR FLOWER, 2106 and newly TICK TICK BOOM. He regularly travels and studies in a foreign theater environment.
„Ondra is for us a symbol of resilience and perseverance. It doesn’t go on and literally goes on. He needs a new wheelchair once in a while. And without money it is difficult. That is why we, his colleagues, decided to organize an entertaining evening without a fee and try to get enough money for the new wheelchair“, says Tomáš Vaněk.

Accompanied by live band, Hana HOLIŠOVÁ, Roman TOMEŠ, Míša TOMEŠOVÁ, Tomáš VANĚK, Michaela HORKÁ, Peter PECHA, Laco HUDEC ŠUBRT, Lucia JAGERČÍKOVÁ, Kateřina SEDLÁKOVÁ, Steve JOSEPHSON, Michael KLUCH, Michaela ZEMÁNKOVÁ, Felix SLOVÁČEK jr.


Neighboring festivals, designed by the locals themselves. They are based on the principle of sharing public space, helping each other and volunteering local organizers and many others.
We have been involved in the production of ZMJ in the Lesser Town Square for the second year. Together with the local neighbors, we enjoyed a day full of fun, good food and drinks in the neighborhood.
Each participant presented his activities and many of them also added an accompanying program in the form of workshops, art and creative workshops for children and adults. 2017 was under the auspices of the City District of Prague 1, which we thank for. Together with Globe Around, coordinators Kateřina Bursíková Jacques, Martin Kotas, Jakub Plojhar and a number of volunteers participated in the implementation of the event.

Actors, singers, bands, artists from local institutions took care of the music, dance and entertainment program of the day. The event was moderated by actor Tomáš Vaněk.
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