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General information about cookies

Cookies are short text files created by a web server and stored on your computer via a web browser (Internet Export, Firefox, Chrome, etc.). It is used so that later, when you return to the same website, the browser sends the saved cookie back and the server, and it thus obtains all the information it has previously stored with you.

Cookies make it possible to distinguish individual website visitors and store specific data about them. In practice, this manifests itself, for example, by having a pre-filled login name in the form – which you may have noticed, for example, if you use a webmail such as, etc. Your browser remembers them from your last visit).

Cookies therefore save you time and make it easier to adapt the website to your needs. The word cookie means round biscuit in English. Data cookies are meant to serve the same purpose as real cookies – based on the Anglo-Saxon custom, to offer visitors a biscuit in order to create a pleasant atmosphere faster. The name and principle of the cookie was invented in 1994 by the programmer Lou Montulli – the creator of the now obsolete Netscape browser.

Cookies also use various statistics of website traffic and other measuring systems, which store in the cookie the visitor’s identifier, the current time from which you came, through which keyword (eg after a Google search). This data is then read and supplemented on other pages, thanks to which they monitor users. From the point of view of the average visitor, this is not much, but it is an important source of information for the site owner, because thanks to them they will find out whether it pays to invest in marketing campaigns or in SEO website optimization.

Cookies save time, you don’t have to log in all the time (so-called authentication cookie) whenever you click on another page on the same website (applies to websites where you see the content only after logging in – eg email box, e-shop account). But they also play an important role, for example, when shopping in online stores (e-shops) – without them you would not put anything in the cart, resp. it wouldn’t last in it if you kept shopping. By helping to differentiate individual users, cookies help to lose anonymity to some extent. This does not necessarily mean that they will save your name, email, address, birth number, etc. – if you have not intentionally saved them… In addition, modern browsers allow you to disable cookies, but you will lose the above-mentioned benefits.

Use of cookies on this website

We handle cookies in accordance with the amendment to Act No. 127/2005 Coll., On Electronic Communications (hereinafter referred to as “ZEK”) in the mode of active user consent, the so-called opt-in. The operator of this website respects the obligation to obtain the prior provable active consent of the user with the scope and purpose of cookie processing according to the current wording of the ZEK for the use of cookies. This is an opt-in mode, where the use of cookies can be activated only on the basis of an active action (consent) of the user. It is not possible to use cookies before granting consent.

The so-called cookies dialog box is displayed on the website, notifying you of the use of cookies. In this window, the website operator offers users the option to accept or reject and not allow the use of cookies. There are a few narrow exceptions to the need for consent to the use of cookies. These are situations where the use of services and related cookies is necessary for technical storage or your own secure operation of the website. These services are NECESSARY and cannot be disagreed with. Cookies related to them do not collect or store any personal data and the use of cookies is limited in time to the provision of the service in question.

Essential services are required for the basic functionality of the website. They only contain technically necessary services. These services cannot be objected to.
Wordfence protects this site from various attacks. Cookies are used to check a user’s permissions before accessing WordPress, to alert administrators when a user logs in from a new device, and to circumvent defined country restrictions through specially crafted links.
Popup Maker allows us to display pop-ups depending on the content of the page and the behavior of the visitor. Cookies are used to remember which pop-ups have already been opened and closed. If a pop-up window contains a form, cookies can be used to remember whether the form was displayed, completed, or completed successfully.
Polylang is a multilingual system for WordPress websites. The cookies store the language of the user and can redirect the user to the version of the website that matches with the language of the browser of the user.

Functional services are necessary to provide features beyond the essential functionality such as prettier fonts, video playback or interactive web features. Content from e.g. video platforms can be consented to. If the service is agreed to, this content is loaded automatically without further manual consent.
YouTube allows embedding content posted on directly into websites. The cookies are used to collect visited websites and detailed statistics about the user behaviour. This data can be linked to the data of users registered on and or localized versions of these services.
WordPress Emoji WordPress Emoji is an emoji set that is loaded from No cookies in the technical sense are set on the client of the user, but technical and personal data such as the IP address will be transmitted from the client to the server of the service provider to make the use of the service possible.
Google Fonts Google Fonts is a service that downloads fonts that are not installed on the client device of the user and embeds them into the website. No cookies in the technical sense are set on the client of the user, but technical and personal data such as the IP address will be transmitted from the client to the server of the service provider to make the use of the service possible.

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In addition, you can set cookies directly in your browser and adjust whether browser cookies should be enabled or deleted. The settings vary from browser to browser, and manufacturers can add, remove, or change their functionality at any time. For more information on what settings your favorite browsers offer, see the links below. If you disable cookies, some components of the website may not work properly.

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